Notes from an execution, 11 poems, PN review 215, Jan-Feb 2014

Four essays/articles have been published in the last year or so. Itís been hard work, but Iíve enjoyed writing them. Iím hoping to write more if the system allows!

Tomas TranstrŲmer: Schubertís Ghost, PN Review 220, Nov-Dec 2014.
Eugenio Montale: Making the Balance Line, PN Review 218, July-August 2014.

Sadness is a Beautiful Category: Wislawa Szymborska, PN Review 216, March-April, 2014.

Ends and beginnings: 10 Things about Joseph Brodsky, PN review 212, July-August 2013.

August 27th 2013: Rooster shortlisted for Scottish Book of the Year Award




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