Briefly. After some thought, I’ve decided to draw a discreet veil over my association with my publisher. Adiós, Carcanet. And thanks for hitting ‘print’ twice.


So to where – and what - next? I don’t really know, but I’ll try and avoid the tragicomedy of selling water pistols in the desert.


The third collection “Sparkle Horse” is done and dusted. Another is already begun with the working title “Luxembourg”. I continue to read, write and think about poetry. Ach, who thinks about poetry? It creeps up behind you, taps you on the shoulder, clicks its heels and leaves.


So please, read on. And please, do comment. I’ve uploaded a couple of new poems. I’ve not been the best at monitoring this over the years, but I will engage if a conversation is to be had.


The essays continue to flit around the loft, tuning their ears to the exits.


My book-reviewing days are over and out – am tired of tasting ashes.  I can enjoy ‘listening in’ on my own terms. And anyway there are LOTS of platforms out there. Dig deep through the white cliffs. And make sure you look any gift horse long and hard in the mouth. As I remember them saying on the cobbled streets of the City of Saint Jacques, ‘sta logo!




(Last updated April 2019)